Creating happy and healthy communities and successful health coaches
Health Coach
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Set and accomplish
goals in a way that is

Work to achieve and
maintain your ideal

Discover the
confidence to create
the life you want

Increase your energy
levels and improve 
personal relationships

Learn about new
foods and how to
easily incorporate them

Understand and reduce
your cravings

About Us

For many of us, our experiences at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition were highly educational, emotionally and  spiritually uplifting, motivational and empowering to make a difference in our own  unique ways.  What tied all of our experiences together was a  sense of community that was truly unique and special.

Diane  Shaughnessy, a 2009 graduate, wanted to bring those experiences and  sense of community back home to Chicago.  After many months of  brainstorming over emails and home potlucks, a leadership group emerged and  got to work on creating the Health Coaches of Chicago association (HCC).  The  HCC was officially launched in June of 2010 and we are now underway with  our mission of creating happy and healthy communities and successful health coaches.

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